While working at Vivid Seats, they acquired a sports fantasy gaming app company called Betcha, later re-branded to Vivid Picks. Currently, I get to design assets for Vivid Seats and Vivid Picks.
The programs used for these projects were: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects, and Photoshop 
Sections: Vivid Seats, Vivid Picks
Vivid Seats
Below are samples of graphics that underwent user experience research (UXR), emails, animations, and UI
This mosaic style went through user testing of 60 sports-focused users and presented as the most engaging amongst the three styles presented. The other three styles can not be released to the public. 

Methodology: Counterbalanced concept testing of four imagery designs
We evaluated the participants' sentiments on each design concept, learned which designs are most appealing, and assessed the value of each image in relation to the Vivid Seats goals and their target audience.
Lead UX Researcher: Gabrielle Ciuteikis; email banner copy was written by: Kara Lewis

Email banner copy was written by: Kara Lewis, Elyce Heffez, or myself. Please inquire for specific copywriting cases.

Rewards email (left) copy was written by: Abigail Gross; Vivid Picks introduction email (right) copy was written by: Kara Lewis & Jason Shapiro. 
I was the lead designer for both emails with oversight and collaboration of ideas by Elyce Heffez, Zee Vastrad, and Deni Ambrose. App walkthrough in the Vivid Picks introduction email (right) was recorded by Saint Hall.

"Our Values" Section of the Vivid Seats corporate site. Viewable at: https://corporate.vividseats.com/careers/

Vivid Picks
In addition to being the lead designer for the logo, please also find a compilation of an email and banners I have created below.
Designed with direction from Zee Vastrad, Elyce Heffez, Tyra Neal, and Riva Bakal; final file tweaks done by Elyce Heffez

Designed with direction from Deni Ambrose; copy written by Deni Ambrose and Jason Shapiro.

Manager: Zee Vastrad, Collaborating Designer: Elyce Heffez; Vivid Seats owns the rights to the featured projects & their contents.
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