Through my time at Bosch, I worked within the Dremel marketing team as an UI & Graphic Designer. Below is a collection of projects that I created. 
Amazon Prime Day assets. Social post (left) and teaser announcement web pop-up (right).
Different marketing material used to advertise features of the glue pen and a marketing initiative to win new tools- such as the glue pen.
Dremel catalog. Please note, this is just a preview. Key pages are being shown to allow for a concise view. 
The full catalog is 104 pages and a low-resolution version can be viewed at: LINK
Below are videos that I edited together for version-specific uses, like Amazon, and for social media.
These videos were edited for use on Amazon. I did not record any of these videos; I took pre-existing footage and spliced them together for succinct viewing.
These are short 15-second reels made for the Dremel account's Instagram story.
This was another video that I edited using pre-existing footage in order to highlight the Dremel glue pen. This was used on Dremel's Instagram feed, garnering nearly 9k views.
Manager: Nicole Gluchman, Supervisor: Jennifer Lawhead; original footage of many videos were captured by Jennifer Lawhead; Dremel owns the rights to the project assets shown on this page.
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